Boeing Business Resource Groups [BRG] within Southern California have come together to host a webinar
series to pass down knowledge to the future generation of engineers.
Click HERE for a flyer of the series.

Below is a list of various topics that each BRG found important in aiding students’ professional development.
Please join us every Thursday in April by accessing each seminar through the meeting links below!

Boeing Beach Cities Sites and Work Statements
April 8th @12PM – 1PM PST
Hosted by: Boeing Black Employees Association
Meeting Link:
Meeting Number: 144 930 4013
Password: Boeing2021
The Boeing sites throughout the Beach Cities offer a diversity of work statements that welcome and excite new talent.
Learn more about Boeing’s SoCal ecosystem with BBEA!

STAR Interview
April 15th @12PM – 1PM PST
Hosted by: Boeing Native American Network
Meeting Link:
Meeting Number: 144 734 3612
Password: Boeing2021
With graduation around the corner and the end of the semester insight, it’s time to find a job!
Our BNAN Leadership will be presenting on how to prepare for an interview, learn about types of interviews you will face, and how to use the S.T.A.R. method in an interview.

Overcoming Workforce Hardships
April 22nd @12PM – 1PM PST
Hosted by: Boeing Familia
Meeting Link:
Meeting Number: 144 046 7423
Password: Boeing2021
Many businesses and people have been through so much due to COVID-19 as well as the aviation industry.
This can really affect employees’ emotional and mental states and can hinder their work and health.
We will be hosting a round table discussion with various Boeing employees on how the pandemic affected their mental health and work and how they are coping and overcoming their hardships.

The Strive for Leadership
April 29th @12PM – 1PM PST
Hosted by: Boeing Asian and Pacific Association
Meeting Link:
Meeting Number: 144 362 7368
Password: Boeing2021
We will be hosting a panel discussion with our Boeing Leadership about various aspects of leadership.
We will go over what leadership positions they have held both within the company and outside.
Learn about their unique leadership style and how that has a heavy influence on their team’s productivity and overall mindset.
Join this webinar to get insight from our Boeing Leadership and questions to help further develop your leadership style!

Published on March 24th, 2021

Last updated on March 24th, 2021