ENGR 596 Graduate Internship Course for Credit

Register for ENGR 596 if you would like to receive technical elective credit for working in an internship.

The course is graded Credit/No Credit. To get a passing grade, you will need to complete bi-weekly status reports, submit a 6-page technical report graded by a faculty member within your academic department, and complete the SkillSurvey self-assessment.  View sample Syllabus.

  • Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters: 1 unit* 

*Students are financially responsible for the per-unit cost

Eligibility Requirements

Time at USC

No requirement.


Fall/Spring 3.0+ 
Summer 2.75+
NOTE: If a student has a GPA of 0.00, VASE will process if the student is meeting satisfactory academic progress. Meet with a VASE advisor if you have questions.


The internship must directly relate to your respective engineering major.


Working at least 15-20 hours per week during the fall/spring semesters. During the summer, you can work up to 40 hours per week.

Application Checklist

  • Receive an Offer: Only request to enroll in ENGR 596 after receiving and accepting an internship offer
  • Faculty Supervisor Request: Submit your Faculty Supervisor Request through MyViterbi - Directed Research
  • D-Clearance: Fill out the ENGR 596 D-Clearance Request form
  • Register: Receive D-clearance and register for ENGR 596
  • Begin: Start working for your internship site

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