Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Trojan Talk: 10/29

October 28, 2019
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Since the start of FDIC insurance on January 1, 1934, not one depositor has lost a cent of insured funds as a result of a failure. Today, the people of the FDIC are still at work behind the scenes ensuring financial safety for depositors across America. But today’s financial landscape is more complex, more global and much more focused on high-technology banking.

Career opportunities at FDIC now include analyzing Internet-related risk, exploring the ramifications of wireless banking and looking into the issues of technology interoperability. Join representatives from FDIC to network and learn about their opportunities at an on campus Trojan Talk.

Date: Oct. 29, 2019

Time: 6-8 p.m.

Location: Trojan Presentation Room (STU B3)

Published on October 28th, 2019

Last updated on October 28th, 2019