Get Excited! The Fall 2017 Career Fair is Here- Tuesday, October 10th

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There are over 160 companies coming to hire you!

DATE: October 10th

TIME: 10:00am- 3:00pm (Both Undergrads & Grads)

LOCATION: Trousdale Parkway

Student Info Tents: Two student info tent locations-  Get your company list on Trousdale and 34th street or  by the Student Union 


If you haven’t looked at the complete list of companies that will be attending the career fair, please log onto your Viterbi Gateway to get access to the company names, the types of positions they will be hiring for, and what majors they are looking for!

Go to Viterbi Career Gateway to see all the companies coming.

It is best to prepare an action plan for the day of the career fair. You want to know what company booths you want to visit and most importantly what jobs you qualify for. Plan ahead and do not waste time in line for a company that is not looking to hire students from your major or if you do not qualify for their work qualification specifications.

Last Minute Tips:

  • Research the employers you plan to speak with.
  • Customize your resume.
  • Dress business professional preferred.
  • Bring copies of your resume and something to take notes on.
  • Be prepared: Have a 30-second pitch of what you plan to say to recruiters. Be direct and ask specific questions.
  • Follow up with each recruiter you speak with. Be sure to get their contact information – ask for a business card or write down their information.

If you missed our workshop on Preparing for The Fair, see the following: 


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Published on October 6th, 2017

Last updated on October 16th, 2020