GRIDS Hackathon – MindSpark

GRIDS is organizing its first hackathon – MindSpark: Data Science for Social Good. We welcome you to be part of this exciting 24 hours data science hackathon. You will get a chance to collaborate with like-minded data scientists, work on a unique data science project that will benefit solving a social problem, participate in various team-building activities, and win prizes!

Excited to know more? Let’s walk through the rules of the hackathon:

1. This is a 24 hour hackathon.

2. This is a team event of 2-4 people. Individual participants will be teamed up at the start of the event.

3. Each team member can select the role of data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, or program manager. We are organizing role-based activities and this will give you a unique opportunity to explore an industry-level experience for your chosen roles.

4. The exact problem statement will be provided during the hackathon. Each team will work on a category of social issues.

5. Hackathon winners will be decided based on idea potential, technical solution, and final presentation.

This is a free event. Food and drinks will be provided. Registrations are individual and there are limited seats for reservations.

Register now and book your spot today!

Dates: April 15, 5pm to April 16, 5pm

Location: USC Campus (Location TBD)


Published on March 31st, 2022

Last updated on April 4th, 2022