Eightfold Talent Exchange – Connect People to the Right Jobs

Know Your Resources: The Talent Exchange

USC has partnered with Eightfold AI to launch the Talent Exchange, a digital talent marketplace. The Talent Exchange currently has more than 750,000 jobs listed, including four-year-degree jobs from retailers, wholesalers, digital companies, delivery companies, and more that are facing unprecedented demand for copywriters, app developers, software engineers, product managers, customer service reps, and more. The AI technology can understand your skills and work history and automatically match you with relevant jobs.

Here are the Steps to Using this Tool:

  1. Create Your Profile – Create your profile and answer basic questions about your preferences. The information collected will be used to automatically find the most relevant jobs for you.
  2. Connect with Employers – Employers will reach out to you with relevant opportunities and guidance on next steps.
  3. Review Offers – Evaluate your offers and complete necessary steps to start working.

You can access The Talent Exchange here.

Published on July 2nd, 2020

Last updated on April 1st, 2021