Lockin/GUCCU Webinar: How to Maximize Your Graduate Opportunity Under COVID-19?

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Chinese international students are invited to participate in Lockin/GUCCU’s live webinar titled “How to Maximize Your Graduate Opportunity Under COVID-19?” on April 23.

As the largest recruitment platform for global young talents in China, Lockin is on the front lines of the recruitment industry. The webinar will analyze the impact of the epidemic on the recruitment market and provide advice for students currently going through recruitment. Topics for discussion include:

  • What effect will the suspension of university courses have on the employment of returnees after graduation?
  • What is the trend of China’s overseas recruitment market in the past two years due to the economic downturn?
  • How is the performance of different industries affected by the COVID-19? Which industry is still actively developing?
  • Are you aware of any changes that the industry you are entering has made in terms of overseas recruitment?
  • Under this situation, what should returnees pay attention to when looking for a job?
This live broadcast will be conducted on April 23 on the ‘Dingding’ global live broadcast platform provided by Lockin’s industry partner Alibaba. The platform also allows participants to playback live broadcasts in real-time due to timezone differences.

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Published on April 20th, 2020

Last updated on April 20th, 2020