Mathworks is Hiring! | Engineering Development Group (EDG)

MathWorks is hiring 2021 grads into its’ Engineering Development Group (EDG)
In particular, they are looking for 2021 bachelors and masters Computer Science grads for full-time EDG positions.

The Engineering Development Group (EDG) at MathWorks is a technical and leadership development program that builds strong leaders and innovators in the organization.

Team members in the EDG program have the flexibility to identify and explore areas of interest by working on project teams of choice, while contributing to challenging work in a fun and collaborative environment.
Areas of interest could include a variety of domains such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, high performance computing, computer vision and much more.
EDG team members receive extensive training, mentoring, and coaching that enables them to transition into teams of their choice at MathWorks.

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Published on April 9th, 2021

Last updated on April 9th, 2021