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Career & Internship Expo: Meet & Greets


Spring 2022 Dates Coming Soon!

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Meet with a group of pre-registered students every 20 minutes over a two-hour time block in a casual, shared space.

  • Specify what majors and class levels you would like to meet and target your outreach.
  • Answer student questions about your company
  • Provide information about open positions
  • Collect student resumes for recruitment
  • Interact with up to 60 students per hour

"I had a really enjoyable experience at the Meet-and-greet.  The 20 minute format was just right for me to go over Visa's business and technology in depth and still left enough time for everyone to get their questions answered"

- Visa, Inc. Recruiter

On-campus Meet & Greets:

  • Review the Viterbi Campus Visitor Guidelines before you visit campus.
  • Location - On-Campus: On-campus Meet & Greets will be located in the Michelson Building, indoors. You will receive an email and a calendar invitation outlining your specific location.
  • Time: Each Meet & Greet is a 2-hour time block - 10-12 or 1-3. Within the two hours, You will chat with a small group of students every 20 minutes. Viterbi career connections staff will facilitate the rounds and move groups of students between slots of time.
  • Questions & Answers: Each round is 20 minutes, and a new group of students will be checked in to speak with you. When your time is up with one group, we encourage you to give them contact information or other ways to follow up with you if they would like to.