Networking is not a mere exchange of business cards at a cocktail party nor is it bragging about yourself or begging for help from people you barely know. According to most experts, networking is building relationships on the basis of trust that involves a give and take. Lynne Waymon, co-author of the book Make Your Contacts Count says, “It’s about teaching and giving. Teaching people who you are… and what kind of opportunities to send your way. And it is about giving — listening so generously that you can also help people accomplish their goals.”

Networking is not optional anymore; it is a crucial skill to master.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Networking:

Know your goal and have a strategy Don’t wait until a crisis hits; network now
Be confident; find a role model or a mentor you can emulate Don’t be a wallflower – make an effort to socialize with co-workers at events
Say thank you often and smile Don’t ask for a job, ask for advice first
Brag about your skills. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
Make a good first impression Don’t shy away from exploring online networking groups like Ryze or LinkedIn
Follow up with a new contact as soon as you can Don’t join tons of networking organizations; two or three may be enough
Send a Christmas or holiday card to re-establish contacts Don’t put things on Facebook you wouldn’t want a new boss to see
Learn to listen attentively
Gain trust and learn to trust, in order to build friendships

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Published on September 28th, 2018

Last updated on September 27th, 2018