Nucleate LA: Activator Application Open!

Are you an academic trainee (Post-doc/PhD/MBA/MD/JD) interested in building a life science startup? Are you passionate about therapeutics, diagnostics, medtech, or synthetic biology?

Apply to Nucleate’s Activator program.

Attend Our Upcoming Events

We are hosting various info sessions and events now through September. REGISTER HERE to reserve your spot today!

About Nucleate

Nucleate is a student-run nonprofit organization that facilitates the formation of new life science ventures [see our stories in STAT and  Endpoints]. Our equity-free Activator program supports companies that tackle the biggest challenges in human health (Bio Track) and sustainability (Eco Track). The program connects scientific trainees and business students with a world-class advisor network of startup founders, executives, venture investors, and renowned scientists. Nucleate helps academic trainees form a strategic plan to translate their research out of their lab into a startup through mentorship and a series of professional workshops.

Strong Track Record

Over four years, Nucleate has formed and supported 107 startup teams through our Activator program. Our alumni have gone on to raise over $170M in funding to develop technologies like protein sequencing (Glyphic), drug design (Manifold Bio), microbiome- (Concerto) and RNA-based (NextRNA) therapeutics, microbial fertilizer (Ivu Biologics) and biomanufacturing (FarmForward).


Apply here before October 1st, 2022. Visit our website to learn more, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Published on August 19th, 2022

Last updated on August 22nd, 2022