*Application opens 12/9/2020*, see flyer here

Viterbi Trek is a networking opportunity for a selected group of Viterbi students interested in various companies and other organizations. The program will include company presentations, an overview of site-specific projects, virtual tours, speaker panels, tech showcases/demos, and career discussions centered around opportunities at Trek companies.

Viterbi Trek is open to Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Past Viterbi Treks have included meeting with engineers and executives from Yelp, YouTube, Postmates, EA, Google, Facebook, Cisco, NetApp, Verizon Media, NVIDIA, Lightform, and Apple.

To prepare your application, please have an updated resume with a VMOCK score of 80% or higher. Application information coming soon!

Save the Dates

Friday, February 26th

Friday, March 6th

Wednesday, March 10th

Friday, March 19th

Friday, March 26th


Published on November 25th, 2020

Last updated on April 1st, 2021