US Army Corps of Engineers Fall Recruiting season is About to Commence!

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Through a collaborative effort with managers, the US Army Corps of Engineers ensure operational accomplishment by providing extensive knowledge and expertise helping to recruit and retain a civilian workforce that is qualified, motivated, informed, and equitably treated. The US Army Corps of Engineers is committed to preserving the image of the Army as one of the top ten federal workplaces.

Here are just some of the detailed facts about USACE New Orleans:


Current list of specific positions which require immediate candidates (check USAJobs):

               Position Title                                    # of Vacancies                                  Duty Location

               Civil Engineer (Hydraulics)             3                                                          New Orleans

               Contract Specialist                             3                                                          New Orleans

               Interdisciplinary                                4+                                                        New Orleans

               Biologist                                               1                                                          New Orleans

               Program Analyst                                2                                                          New Orleans

               Economist                                           1                                                          New Orleans

                Survey Technician                            2+                                                        New Orleans, Simmesport

               Realty Specialist                                 1                                                          New Orleans

               Procurement Analyst                        1                                                          New Orleans

               Paralegal Specialist                           2                                                          New Orleans

               Operations Research Analyst          1                                                          New Orleans

               Accountant                                          2                                                         (Remote) New Orleans

Here are the 30 current New Orleans openings posted on USAJobs:

Also consider one of the other USACE sites if New Orleans is not an option.   Here are the 544 current openings posted on USAJobs:


You are always welcome to visit our website to learn more about our organization of 1,100+ total employees in our New Orleans district office alone (34,000+ USACE employees around the world):



USACE can now hire applicants for Internship opportunities without going through USAJobs, please contact me DIRECTLY to apply.  If you are available for Fall or Spring Internships:


Please consider any of the 223 currently open Pathways opportunities listed on USAJobs:


Please consider all the 1380 currently open Internship opportunities listed on USAJobs:


Also consider applying for any of the Department of Defense’s STEM Scholarship programs:


Please send your resumes to and include the following information:

  1. S. citizenship (we cannot hire non-U.S. citizens or sponsor).
  2. GPA if attending any institution of higher education (use the highest of overall
  3. instead of in-major GPA)
  4. Graduation date (or projected date) if currently attending an institution of
  5. higher education
  6. Security clearance status (if applicable)
  7. Military/Veteran status (retired, active, reserve, etc. – if applicable)
  8. Are you a current or former civilian federal employee (if applicable)
  9. Are you pursuing a permanent, temporary, or internship position
  10. If possible, please use Federal format for your resume.


Just a reminder in order to be employed by USACE New Orleans, as a Department of Defense agency, they require:

  1. Background Investigation for a Secret Clearance
  2. Drug Test
  3. US Citizenship
  4. Physical (for blue collar positions only)


If you are interested, please directly submit your information to the following email: 

Published on July 26th, 2022

Last updated on July 26th, 2022