us-army-corps-of-engineers-logo-png-transparent - The Propeller Club | Charleston, South CarolinaThank you for considering civilian Federal employment with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We give the utmost respect and consideration to every applicant.

Please send your resumes to and include the
following information:
1. U.S. citizenship (we cannot hire non-U.S. citizens or sponsors).
2. GPA if attending any institution of higher education (use the highest overall instead of in-major GPA)
3. Graduation date (or projected date) if currently attending an institution of higher education
4. Security clearance status (if applicable)
5. Military/Veteran status (retired, active, reserve, etc. – if applicable)
6. Are you a current or former civilian federal employee (if applicable)
7. Are you pursuing a permanent, temporary, or internship position
8. If possible, please use the Federal format for your resume.

We are in the hiring mode as our Fall Recruiting season is about to commence. If you attend any of the events we are present at, please:

1) Bring a Federal resume (See the link below regarding how to complete a federal resume)

2) Mention that you know me

3) Be prepared to be interviewed & HIRED by our onsite Hiring Managers…yes, we can potentially hire you ON-SITE!

Please check HERE to use the following recruitment resources:

  • Permanent Federal Positions
  • Federal Internships
  • Federal Benefit Options
  • General Schedule Federal Position Descriptions
  • General Pay Scale Information
  • Qualifying Engineers Pay Scale Information
  • Resume assistance
  • Register and upload your resume directly to our Hiring Managers

Positions that we can potentially hire either through USAJobs or through a Direct Hire Authority (DHA), which will drastically expedite the Federal Hiring Process (contact me for more details):

***Civil Engineers

*Mechanical Engineers

*Construction Control Inspectors

*Office Automation Assistants

*Engineering Technician

*Environmental Engineers

*Mechanical Engineers

*General Engineers

*Project Managers

*Land Surveyors

*Drill Rig Operators



*Hydrologic Technicians

*Structural Engineers

*Lock & Dam Operators


*Realty Specialists

*Program Analysts

*Public Relations






*Statistics (and Political Science)

*Data Analysts


Here are the 30 current New Orleans openings posted on USAJobs:

Also consider one of the other USACE sites if New Orleans is not an option.   Here are the 544 current openings posted on USAJobs:

While I primarily represent the New Orleans District, the US Army Corps of Engineers is in 43 districts, here is a map of our division offices:

And Social Media contacts for each District office:

Published on August 19th, 2022

Last updated on August 19th, 2022