USC Colloquium & Intellithon

*Please see the below schedule for the upcoming USC IC CAE Colloquium & Intellithon event on April 8-10, 2021*

More information on the event can be found HERE

Registration Links:

Keynote Speaker: Jack Devine (4/8-9:30am PDT) [HERE]

Plenary Speaker Carmen Medina (4/10-11am PDT) and All Student Talks (4/8-4/10)

INTELLITHON Contest (4/9-3:30pm PDT) [HERE]


April 8th-9:30-11am PDT The Fight Against Russian Aggression with Keynote speaker Jack Devine moderated by Professor Robert English, Associate Professor of International Relations at USC

April 8th-11:30-1:30pm PDT Technology and Geopolitics Talks co sponsored by
Global Techno Politics Forum
moderated by Gregory Treverton and Steven Fleming

  • The Rising Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control Systems
  • The Twin Cyber Hacking Campaigns
  • Digital Corridors
  • The 5G Challenge
  • AIl for Conflict De-escalation: Preliminary Insights
  • Currency of Change
  • New Spatial Data Collection Techniques for GEOINT-focused Modeling, Simulation and Interaction Applications

April 9th-9:30-11am PDT National Security Law and Intelligence Student Talks
moderated by Maura Godinez and Rebecca Lonergan

  • Cuba: The Small Heavyweight
  • Intelligence and Russian Bounties
  • The Legality of American Military Defense of Taiwan – War with China
  • Edward Snowden: Protected Whistleblower or National Security Threat?

April 9th-11:30-1pm PDT Policy Issues in National Security Student Talks
moderated by Mike Orosz

  • 2021 China-Taiwan Relations & Implications for U.S. National Security
  • Nigeria’s Fight Against Boko Haram and Impact on US Security
  • Current and Possible Future Trends in US Domestic Terrorism
  • Nuclear Tension between the US and Iran
  • Resurging ISIS and Impact on the US
  • India’s dissent into fascism: Implications on Sikhs and US National Security
  • New Technologies and Policies Applied to Contain the Spread of Covid- 19 in China
  • Infiltration of White Nationalists in the Intelligence Community

April 9th-2-3pm PDT Internship Opportunities for Students: First-Hand Experiences
moderated by Maura Godinez

  • Working for VSFS: Virtual Student Federal Service
  • The Student Internship Experience at The Cipher Brief

April 9th-2:40 PDT Equity and Diversity Student Talk
moderated by Michelle Povinelli

  • Conceptual Intelligence Sensor Platform for a Notional National Security Crisis Tasking

April 9th-3:30-5pm PDT Student INTELLITHON Contest: Hacking the Future of
moderated by Michelle Povinelli

April 10th-9-10:30am PDT Emerging Issues in Intelligence and National Security Student Talks moderated by Karthika Sasikumar and Leonard Lira

  • Soviet Disinformation and Forgery
  • Civil-Military Relations under Saddam Hussein and Hafez Assad: How Did They Coup-Proof Their Regimes?
  • Increasing IC capacity to deal with Hybrid Threats from the Grey Zone

April 10th-11am PDT Diversity in the Intelligence Community with Carmen Medina

April 10th-11:45-1pm PDT Equity and Diversity in the Military and Intelligence
Community Student Talks
moderated by Leonard Lira

  • Fit, Fun, and Female: An Exploration of Modern Military Identity on Instagram Through Netnography
  • Understanding the Effectiveness of the IC EEO and Diversity Enterprise Strategy
  • Increasing Diversity in the IC: Evaluating the IC CAE program

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