Vayu Technology is Hiring an Android Developer!

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Vayu Technology is a biomedical, sports and healthcare technology company that specializes in building solutions for high-performance testing, injury risk profiling, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Its flagship product, Equilibrium, is a revolutionary wearable system that provides instantaneous insights into the human body’s biomechanics. Equilibrium uses custom, intricately engineered sensors that collect motion data from athletes in their natural environment during practice, training, and recovery. The collected data is then processed through a sophisticated proprietary machine learning based layer to generate simplified actionable insights that are instantly and remotely available.

Job Description: The EQ Mobile Application allows users to configure the EQ Hardware Systems. The application currently provides features to update firmware and assign sensors for use. This specific project is to build the Android version of the already existing iOS-based EQ Mobile Application. Over a period of time, both the iOS and Android versions of the application will be expanded to include features that support visualization of generated insights.

Project Duration: 3 months

Type of Position: Full Time

Location: Downtown Los Angeles

Required Skills: Android app development – Building an application that can interface an Android device with an external hardware device using Bluetooth.

Bonus Skills: Building Android applications that can connect to devices over Bluetooth, iOS programming.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply! Apply now on Viterbi Career Gateway JobID 192126.

Published on April 24th, 2019

Last updated on April 24th, 2019