WiSE Aerospace Corporation Research Fellowships and Internship Employment

The Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Program is happy to announce, with generous support from The Aerospace Corporation, the establishment of WiSE Aerospace Research Fellowships for undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students. Recipients will be awarded $2,000 and will commit to participating in year-long professional development programming that includes workshops on communicating science, interview preparation, entrepreneurship and technical leadership. Students will also secure internship employment with The Aerospace Corporation during Summer 2021.

We invite the departments of Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Astronautical Engineering, and Computer Science to submit nominations for these fellowships, for awards beginning Summer 2021.

View requirements and more information HERE

Attend the Information Session!

A virtual information session with representatives from The Aerospace Corporation will be held. Join to learn more about the WiSE Aerospace Corporation research fellowships and internship employment for students.

Date: Thursday, November 12th

Time: 5:00pm


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