On-Campus Recruiting Center

This contract must be completed through Viterbi Career Gateway before you are eligible for on-campus interviews.

Eligibility & Responsibility

  • On-Campus Interviews are only available to currently enrolled Viterbi students.
  • I will conduct myself in a professional and respectful manner and understand that my actions affect both my own reputation and that of USC/Viterbi.
  • I will RSVP responsibly. If attending an event, I will indicate my participation via RSVP. If I am no longer able to attend, I will change my RSVP to reflect the change.
  • I understand that certain events are limited to students with a confirmed registration, and will only attend these types of events if I obtain a registration confirmation.

Falsified Information

Providing false information in my profile, resume, application materials, on employer career portals, or creating duplicate accounts/profiles to meet interview/hiring requirements is unethical. I will be suspended from using On-Campus Recruiting on Gateway, connectSC, and access to CPT for the remainder of the semester or up to one academic year.


  • I will not copy or borrow ideas on assignments given during the interview process (examples: coding challenges, case studies) and pass them off as my own.
  • I will create my own original resume, cover letter, and any other application materials based on the body of my experience, and not copy my classmates’ materials.
  • If I plagiarize, my Gateway access, connectSC access, and/or future CPT applications may be revoked for a period of up to 6 months.


  • I will conduct myself in a professional and respectful manner in all communications and interactions with employers and recruiters. If I need to cancel an OCR interview, I will do so on Viterbi Career Gateway at least three days prior to the interview date to avoid a “No-Show” status. To cancel an interview:
    • Log into Viterbi Career Gateway -> Go to “Interviews” -> Select “Unschedule Interview” or
    • Contact the Career Connections Team at 213-740-9677 or visit the Student Engagement & Career Connections office (RTH 218)
  • I understand that if I cancel my interview less than three business days prior to the scheduled interview or do not show for the interview, I will be granted a “No-Show” status and will be suspended from further use of OCR/Gateway for six months.
  • If there is an emergency, I will notify Student Engagement & Career Connections by phone at (213) 740- 9677 or by email at vcareers@usc.edu.

Evaluating Job Offers & Negotiating Salary

  • Consultation is highly encouraged. If I am considering one or more offers, I will consult with a staff member before making any final decisions.
  • Upholding commitments: Upon accepting an offer, whether verbally or in writing, I will uphold that commitment. As part of my ethical responsibility, I agree to subsequently discontinue further interviewing with all other employers. After I accept an official offer for employment (including internships/fellowships) my OCR access will be deferred until the subsequent term.
  • If I renege or withdraw on an accepted offer, my Gateway access, connectSC access, and/or future CPT applications may be revoked for a period of up to 6 months. This includes early termination of your internship without obtaining consultation from SECC. For more information about accepting and reneging internship/job offers, please click here.
  • Consequences of reneging or withdrawing acceptances may apply to me whether or not the opportunity was found through USC/Viterbi resources because my actions impact USC as a campus and not just my own reputation.