Mathworks is Hiring! | Engineering Development Group (EDG)

MathWorks is hiring 2021 grads into its’ Engineering Development Group (EDG) In particular, they are looking for 2021 bachelors and masters Computer Science grads for full-time EDG positions. Published on April 9th, 2021Last updated on April 9th, 2021

Know Your Resources: The Talent Exchange

Know Your Resources: The Talent Exchange USC has partnered with Eightfold AI to launch the Talent Exchange, a digital talent marketplace. The Talent Exchange currently has more than 750,000 jobs listed, including four-year-degree jobs from retailers, wholesalers, digital companies, delivery companies, and more that are facing unprecedented demand for copywriters, app developers, software engineers, product managers, customer service reps, and more. The … Read More

The Office of International Services is Now Accepting OPT Requests!

The Office of International Services is now accepting Post-Completion OPT I-20 Requests for Fall 2018 graduates. All Post-Completion OPT applicants must review the OPT application instructions prior to submitting their OPT I-20 Request to OIS. Important reminders about Post-Completion OPT: Copy of diploma or transcript from the Registrar’s Office is not required Job offer is not required to apply USCIS processing time … Read More