Sisu VR: Software Developer Intern, Game UX Intern, Game Developer Intern 

Sisu VR delivers anti-harassment training through virtual reality. Their mission: bolster a culture of empowerment and empathy. They want to replace the current method of training (reading text, watching videos, answering quizzes) with a new style that is active and user-centric, placing the user directly in such roles as the victim or bystander. Through this interactive method of training, employees … Read More

AT&T Tech Reveal Showcase & Community Service Day

Advanced wireless networking, quantum technology, immersive entertainment, cloud driven gaming and virtual realty are only a few of the amazing things being worked on at AT&T. Interested in learning more about the company and the technical opportunities available? Join AT&T for an event at the AT&T Entertainment Group Headquarters in El Segundo, CA for a tech reveal showcase, a networking … Read More