Viterbi Trek

Viterbi Trek is an invaluable experience for engineering students pairing employer engagement with experiential education.

Coming soon! Fall 2024 Viterbi Trek Will Take Place Over Fall Recess, October 10 - 11, 2024. Apply by TBA

Event Details:

Fall 2024 Application Coming Soon
--Fall 2024 Viterbi Trek--

Fall 2024 Viterbi Trek will be four (4) days, with industry clusters for each day. Students can apply to attend and, if selected, will attend one industry day, visiting two (2) companies.

Previous Trek hosts have included Accenture, Abbott, Boeing, Visa, Walmart, NVIDIA, EY, Medtronic, Mason Controls, Tencent, Honeybee Robotics, Second Order Effects, TripAdvisor, Saviynt, Cisco, Meta, NetApp, Verizon, Google, and more!

  • Thursday, October 10th: TBA

  • Friday, October 11th: TBA

      Fall 2024 Trek will occur over Fall Recess (October 10-11th). Each Trek host will host their visit in person.

      Student Experiences:

      Viterbi Trek was a great experience that taught me not only about the companies we visited but also more about myself.

      - Viterbi Trek Student

      Viterbi Trek was an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed developing a deeper perspective on each of the companies we visited, as well as the general tech industry, through tours, networking lunches, and talks with engineers and executives. I definitely have a better understanding of the type of career I want in the future. I also loved talking to Viterbi alumni at each company, which showed me how strong and supportive the Trojan family is. Viterbi Trek also brought me closer to my fellow students on the trip, and I made lots of new friends.

      - Viterbi Trek Student

      My biggest takeaway is the fact that everyone will have their own journey throughout their careers. It was pretty comforting to know that some people took meandering paths like me and that they were still able to create success for themselves that way. I loved hearing about their different experiences and knowing that their own passion and drive got them to where they are today.

      - Viterbi Trek Student

      Published on December 4th, 2020

      Last updated on May 22nd, 2024