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What is Viterbi Link?


Viterbi Link is your exclusive online mentoring platform where engineering alumni and/or current peer mentors share their career-, industry-, or school-related experiences and information with you. Connect on Viterbi Link to engage in mentorship, networking, and informational interviews.

Whether you're looking for "flash" mentoring or something more in-depth and long-term, you can find it through Viterbi Link.
This platform is open to current undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni from all Viterbi engineering departments and programs.

What is Viterbi Link?

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Mentors can assist with:

Connecting on campus

with fellow engineering students

Expanding your knowledge

and understanding of how an engineering degree can be used

Increasing your motivation

to continue in studies as you see the relationship between courses and your chosen career come together

Helping you prepare

for a smooth transition into your post-degree career

Time Commitment

"Flash" mentoring is a one-time connection requiring little commitment. Should you choose to continue the mentoring relationship, the total time commitment will be solely up to the mentor and mentee.


The alumni who have generously volunteered to provide information do not have job or internship opportunities, and it would be improper to send an unsolicited resume to any alumnus/na listed as a contact in Viterbi Link. Viterbi Link is intended for individual communication of a personal nature and not for commercial purposes. As a reminder, use your best judgment when engaging with alumni and students. If an interaction is inappropriate or unprofessional, please notify us. We expect appropriate and professional engagement at all times.

See what our mentees have to say!


As someone who is attempting to enter engineering industry, I enjoyed having someone to talk to and give me advice. From my mentor I feel that I have become more confident in how to conduct myself professionally and have gained a valuable person in my life from which I can seek guidance on professional matters.

- Justin Gaither, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Because my mentor was a recent graduate who participated in the same clubs I'm involved in, he had very specific and helpful advice on how to make the most out of my club experiences; he also could answer any questions I had about the transition from school to full-time work. I highly recommend this program to any younger Viterbi students who are looking for professional advice.

- Junco Nelson, Sophomore, Civil (Structural) Engineering

I definitely became a lot more confident in the education path that I am pursuing and I have learned a lot more about how the transition from school to industry works. My mentor was really eager to answer my questions and always provided me with answers to the questions that I asked.

- Beatriz Sousa, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering