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Viterbi Startup Garage Oceanside Chat – Taking a talent-driven approach to deep tech innovation

Who: Jenna Bryant, Co-Founder, CEO & General Partner at Embedded Ventures

What: Whenever people ask how I met my co-founder, Jordan Noone (also the co-founder of Relativity Space), I have a simple answer: cold outreach on LinkedIn! Venturing into deep tech innovation is a thrill, but let me spill some tea: the true magic lies in the people behind the tech. Our conversation will dive into the power of a talent-driven mindset to supercharge your entrepreneurial path. Looking for a co-founder, seeking a mentor, or building your dream team? We’ll unpack strategies to connect with and inspire the brilliant minds ready to transform your big ideas into reality. Especially in the fiercely competitive world of deep tech, it isn’t just about what you create, but who you create with.

When: Wednesday, May 1 (12 PM PT)

Where: Zoom (Register for Zoom Link)

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Published on April 24th, 2024

Last updated on April 24th, 2024