Career Connections 101: Virtual Interviewing Tips

February 5, 2021

Hi Trojans!

As recruitment season continues, we think it’s important to share some tips on virtual interviewing. Much like in person interviewing, virtual interviewing requires practice and preparation. Check out some tips we believe will help you as you begin to land interviews!

Setting Up Technology

  • Get your audio and camera settings situated well before the interview. Make sure you’ve tested them, and remove any webcam cover or slide that will prevent your interviewer from seeing you.
  • Get logged in and make sure you know how to navigate the platform.
  • Make sure that your camera is at eye level; use a monitor/laptop stand, boxes, books, etc. to ensure that the camera is at the appropriate height.

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Doing Your Homework

  • Study up on who you’ll be interviewing with.
  • Study the products or services that the company offers. Learn more about what’s going on at that company or within their industry.
  • Assess the company’s culture. Search their website, any social media accounts or ask around if you know people who work there.

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During the Interview

Here are some tips from Amy Blumenthal, Director of Media Relations at the USC Viterbi Office of Communications, for improved virtual interviews:

  • Making eye contact: It’s hard to look at a green light or the dot of a camera on your phone. Some people suggest temporarily taping a really tiny photo/image of a person next to your camera light to focus your attention only when you are speaking and to look at the screen when the interviewer is speaking.

  • Headphones: Headphone wires can be distracting. If possible, put the wire behind your neck much like the secret service/security does so that it isn’t hanging in front of your chin.

What to Wear

  • Dress as you would for an in-person interview and try on your outfit in advance.
  • Be mindful of what’s going to show on camera and how it’s going to appear on the other end.
  • Pick your colors and your patterns wisely and remember to coordinate your outfit with your background.

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How to Set Up Your Background

  • You’ll want to make sure that the location sets you up for success. Make sure it’s an environment you have some control over and that you limit the amount of noise as possible.
  • Set up on a table or desk if possible and make sure it is a well-lit area. Put the light source in front of you and behind the camera, not behind your head.
  • Make sure everything looks organized and tidy and avoid anything that could be polarizing.

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Published on February 5th, 2021

Last updated on April 1st, 2021