Viterbi Career Gateway

Get connected to on-campus recruiting and job postings through Viterbi Career Gateway.

Viterbi Career Gateway is a career related resource dedicated to the needs of Viterbi students. This system allows you to search for engineering internship/co-op and full time jobs, gives you access to information about Viterbi-specific events and resources, and includes a customized resume builder.

Viterbi Career Gateway

Your Resource For:

  • Internship, Co-op and Full-time Job Postings
  • Career-Related events, including the Career Fair, VINE, and Viterbi Career Conference
  • Employer Information Session Schedules
  • Career-Related Workshop Dates
  • Building Your Resume
  • Sample Handouts (resumes, cover letters, etc.)
  • Additional job/internship search websites
  • Signing Up for On-Campus Interviews

Using Viterbi Career Gateway

  • Log-in to Viterbi Career Gateway

    using your USC e-mail and password. Login Now.

  • Click on the “Profile“ tab on the left side of the page

    to update your personal and academic information.

  • Read about On-Campus Recruiting and then sign the On-Campus Recruiting Contract

    in order to qualify for interviews hosted on campus. Learn about OCR.

  • Click on the “Jobs and Internships“ tab on the left side of the page

    to start applying to engineering opportunities!

  • Schedule Career Counseling Appointments

    by clicking the quick link on the right side of your home screen. Schedule Appointment.

  • RSVP for career fairs, info sessions, and workshops

    by clicking on the “Events” tab on the left side to view. RSVP.

  • View employers participating in the Viterbi Career Conference or the Career & Internship Fair

    by clicking on the “Events” tab on the left side to view. View Employers.

Questions about Gateway?

Student Engagement & Career Connections | 213.74.9677

Frequently Asked Questions

Viterbi Career Gateway and ConnectSC are separate job portals.

ConnectSC is a separate job portal available to all USC alumni and currently enrolled students, and thus contains available opportunities for all majors. It is overseen by the main Career Center (located at Student Union 110). Some employers looking for engineers or other related disciplines may post jobs on ConnectSC, so we recommend also visiting ConnectSC in your job/internship search.
More information about the main Career Center, as well as contact and how to access ConnectSC, can be found HERE.

Viterbi Career Gateway is a job portal specifically for Viterbi students. This means that most opportunities seeking engineers will be posted on Viterbi Career Gateway. The Viterbi Office of Student Engagement and Career Connections (located in Ronald Tutor Hall 218) oversees all inquiries regarding Viterbi Career Gateway. More information, including how to access Viterbi Career Gateway, can be found HERE.

On Campus Recruiting (OCR) allows you to view and apply for opportunities that will conduct interviews in our office located on campus at RTH 218.

To be eligible, you must have a Viterbi Career Gateway account, and you must submit a Viterbi OCR contract request HERE.

Viterbi On-Campus Recruiting is only available for currently enrolled Viterbi students. Therefore, only currently enrolled students can apply to OCR positions on Viterbi Career Gateway.

Please note that Viterbi Career Gateway has a separate On Campus Recruiting contract from ConnectSC that must be filled out if you would like to apply for an OCR position through Viterbi Career Gateway. Please note that you must fill out a Viterbi OCR contract AND a ConnectSC OCR contract if you want to access OCR programs on both ConnectSC and Viterbi Career Gateway. If you fill out an OCR contract only for ConnectSC, you will not be able to apply to an On-Campus Recruiting job through Viterbi Career Gateway.

There are various reasons:

• You may not meet the job requirements. Please verify that you meet these by carefully reading the posting. You can see disqualifiers at the top of the Career Gateway posting in red. Your qualifications are based on four key criteria: applicant type, degree, major, graduation date, and work authorization . The employer sets the criteria and all candidates must meet the listed criteria to apply. Falsifying information may result in account suspension.

•Your profile may be incorrectly filled out; verify that all fields are entered correctly.

• You may not be looking in the right place. Career Gateway has two databases, the jobs database and the on-campus recruiting (OCR) database. You should be searching in both.

• You may not have filled out your Viterbi On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) contract. Filling out this contract will give you access to all of the postings in the OCR section of Career Gateway. If you did not fill out the on-campus recruiting contract, you will not qualify for OCR positions with the reason being listed that you do not match desired Applicant Type. Once you fill out the Viterbi OCR contract, you should be Viterbi OCR Eligible, meaning you are able to partake in on-campus recruiting and apply to OCR positions for which you are qualified. The contract takes 3-5 full business days to process. To fill out the contract please click HERE.

• There may be an error in the job posting; contact Viterbi Career Center immediately via email, phone, or a walk-in.

The employer will select you for an interview after reviewing your resume that you have submitted on Career Gateway. If you have been selected, you will get an e-mail notification. You will then be able to sign up for a time slot.

Once you have signed up for a time slot, you are committed to the interview or you will be subject to the Cancellation or No-Show Policy outlined in the OCR contract.

Required majors are set by employers and informed by specific qualifications, so our office does not have authority to change the required major screening criteria. However, if you believe there is an error, or that your major should be included as well, contact us by email, phone, or walk-in, and we can communicate with the employer on your behalf.