Internships & Co-Ops for Credit

ENGR 395 – Undergraduate Internship Course for Credit

Register for ENGR 395 if you would like to receive technical elective credit while you are working in an internship/co-op. This is a required course for undergraduate international students in order to be eligible for CPT.


The course is graded Credit/No Credit. To get a passing grade, you will need to complete a 10 page technical report graded by a faculty member within your department. You are responsible for seeking out faculty that agrees to grade the report. View a sample syllabus here.

  • Fall/Spring Semesters: 2 units
  • Summer Session: 1 unit
  • Co-Op: 3 units over 2 semesters*

*Students are financially responsible for the per unit cost

*If you are interested in a co-op, please schedule an appointment on Viterbi Career Gateway to discuss the additional details.

ENGR 596, 597, & 598 – Graduate Internship Course for Credit

View the CPT & Internship Success Webinar or go to page for more information on graduate-level CPT information.

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