Time Capsule 2050: Imagining the Future- Panel, Pizza, and Workshop

You can read about the event here on our website , at this USC event listing, and below.  

The panel seeks to stimulate imaginations about what the future might bring – to provoke discussions about what new technologies and AI might potentially enable in the future – in cinema and in life. We’ve got dynamic panelists, some from USC and some from outside:

  • Scott Mahoy: A summary of historical movements envisioning the future, including the Futurists and the Situationists.
  • Yves Bergquist: A review of recent advances in AI, neural networks, Sora, and other generative video tools.
  • Stuart Candy: An Introduction to the futures process, with an emphasis on creating just, sustainable, and ethical societies
  • Rachel Joy Victor: An overview of how to create data-informed emergent experiences where world affordances and individual agency intersect. Ethnic Futurism will be discussed.
  • Marientina Gotsis: A summary of how AI and new technologies are transforming media in medicine and health fields and a look at where these fields are trending.

After the presentations and the panel which runs from 4-5:45, attendees will move out of the theater and into the lobby for pizza. We will break into small groups to play a game (The Thing from the Future, created by the late IMGD professor Jeff Watson and panelist Stuart Candy) that is meant to spur creative speculation about the future. Professor Kiki Benson will be on hand to lead the workshop/game. We will begin with a quick warm up to help get ideas flowing and then launch into a more in-depth session culminating in elevator pitches for moving image projects for the Time Capsule 2050. The event ends at 7pm.

For the rest of the year, we’ll be promoting and producing student Time Capsule projects.  The Time Capsule 2050 project gives currently enrolled USC students and class of ’24 USC graduates the opportunity to crystallize, document and share their forecast for the future. Projects can be live action or animated shorts, digital games, AR/VR, or cinematic installations. Students may work collaboratively in small teams of 2-4 or individually. Mini production grants will be available beginning in early summer.

The deadline to submit will be in December 2024, with cash awards up to $3,000 to be awarded at the Time Capsule screening in early 2025. All projects that meet the criteria for submission will then be uploaded, “sealed,” and preserved in the digital time capsule at the USC Digital Repository until the year 2050.

When the Time Capsule is unsealed in 2050, viewers will have a glimpse of how the future appeared to its contributors 25 years ago. This project presents an opportunity for dialogue between different eras and generations.  For more info and eligibilty, see the Submissions page.

You can read about the event here on our website.

Published on April 3rd, 2024

Last updated on April 3rd, 2024