Professional Development Toolkit:

Where & How to Connect

Student Clubs

Build relationships with your peers, fellow organization members and club executive boards. Find groups to join by browsing engageSC or visiting the USC Involvement Fair.

Campus Events

Reach out to other students attending campus events. Peers at the same events may have similar interests. Locate events on connectSC, Viterbi Career Gateway or the USC Events Calendar.
USC Events Calendar


Professors are more than just an academic resource. They can offer research opportunities, connections to other faculty members or employers, and give invaluable advice.
Viterbi Faculty Directory


Connect with the Trojan Family on campus or through Viterbi Link. Alumni have been in your shoes and can provide advice on personal, academic and professional development.
Viterbi Link


Peers attending campus workshops likely have the same questions as you do. Use each other as resources to collaborate and exchange ideas. Find workshops on Viterbi Career Gateway.
Viterbi Career Gateway

Career Fairs

Career fairs offer a traditional means of connecting with a wide range of recruiters. Remember to bring copies of your resume, dress professionally and prepare your elevator pitch in advance.
Career & Internship Expo

Additional Resources