US Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District

The US Army Corps of Engineers—New Orleans District is hosting an on-site Hiring Event on 3-June-2022.    If you are interested in civilian federal employment, please attend.

Even though we would prefer you to join us in New Orleans, the US Army Corps of Engineers is located worldwide and in every one of the 50 US states along with Puerto Rico.   We employ over 34,000 civilians.

Here are our current 588 job openings across the country:<;!!LIr3w8kk_Xxm!rRtso2bO9ZsptoTVZxyANm4r40reT9iCmikqVEYbOrLKALUDfjbQMePBEuXqhwXJwN8aLVXTonoK1t1bkx2NAoZoDGFR$>

The New Orleans District is planning on visiting the following places over the next several months:

2-June                  Houston                              Recruit Military
7-June                  Univ of Georgia                Site Visit
7-June                  Clemson Univ                    Site Visit
8-June                  Alabama A&M                  Site Visit
8-June                  Univ of Alab Huntsville    Site Visit
9-June                  Jackson State Univ           Site Visit
23-June                Atlanta                                Recruit Military
28-June                Illinois Tech                       Site Visit
28-June                Notre Dame                       Site Visit
29-June                Rose Hulman                     Site Visit
29-June                Univ of Illinois                   Site Visit
12-July                 Florida Atlantic                 Site Visit
12-July                 Univ of Miami (FL)           Site Visit
13-July                 Florida International       Site Visit
28-July                 San Antonio                       Recruit Military
7-September       Texas A&M                        Engineering Career Fair
8-September       UT-Austin                           Engineering Career Fair
13-September    Virginia Tech                     Engineering Career Fair
14-September    Univ of Illinois                   Engineering Career Fair
15-September    Univ of Houston               Engineering Career Fair
20-September    UT-Arlington                      Engineering Career Fair
20-September    FSU/FAMU                         Engineering Career Fair
21-September    Auburn                                Engineering Career Fair
29-September    Univ of Florida                  Engineering Career Fair
TBD-Sept             Georgia Tech                     Engineering Career Fair
TBD-Sept             LSU                                      Engineering Career Fair
TBD-Sept             Southern A&M                  Engineering Career Fair
TBD-Sept             Univ of LA Lafayette        Engineering Career Fair
TBD-Sept             PVAMU                               Engineering Career Fair
13-October         Purdue                                Engineering Career Fair
TBD-October      Univ of New Orleans       Engineering Career Fair
TBD-October      Univ of South Alab           Engineering Career Fair
TBD-Nov              Ohio State Univ                Info Session/Employer on Site
TBD-Nov              UT-Arlington                      Employer on Site
TBD-Nov              Iowa State                          Info Session/Employer on Site

Published on May 16th, 2022

Last updated on May 16th, 2022