Viterbi Industry Networking Event

The Viterbi Industry Networking Event (VINE) brings together Viterbi students to meet employers and Viterbi Alumni the evening before the Viterbi Career & Internship Fair.

You will practice your networking skills by engaging with a wide variety of engineering companies and Viterbi Alumni in a professional networking environment. VINE follows the format of a typical business networking event, complete with beverages and light appetizers.


To encourage more open networking, employers will no longer be stationed at company sponsored tables. Instead, employers and students will be encouraged to move around the room to network with as many people as possible.  

Undergraduate Student VINE
January 30, 2019

Viterbi Career Connections | 213.740.9677


You MUST also complete the following process to view/register for VINE:

  • Complete VMOCK with a score of 80% or greater.

    To best prepare graduate students for this event, all students interested in attending this event should complete the CSN Preparation Checklist as part of the Career Success Navigator to create a tailored resume for this event. Completing this process will also help you improve your chances of getting a score of 80% or higher on VMock. Go to Career Success Navigator

  • Watch an online workshop

    By watching this video you will obtain all the necessary information to prepare for this event. Get the password and view the online workshop

  • Complete the pre-registration form

    You will need to submit your VMock score of 80% or higher and pass the quiz on Preparing for VINE video with a score of 10 or higher. If you are missing any of this information on the pre-registration form, you have not completed pre-registration. Once you successfully complete registration you will be able to view the RSVP on Viterbi Career Gateway under Events –>Career Fair titled “Fall 2018 Graduate Student VINE – Student Registration” If you do not see this, your pre-registration is not complete. If you RSVP for any event that mentions VINE that is not called “Fall 2018 Graduate Student VINE – Student Registration” then you are not RSVP’d for this event. You must complete the pre-registration form before September 5, 2018 by 10am to be eligible to RSVP for VINE. Please keep in mind that this does not guarantee you a spot. Sign up now

  • Register for the event on Viterbi Career Gateway

    Once you’ve completed the pre-registration process you will be able to RSVP on Viterbi Career Gateway AFTER September 5th and spots are first-come-first-serve. Once our space hits capacity we will not add anymore students. Please make sure you look for the event titled “Fall 2018 Graduate Student VINE – Student Registration” This event title is the only way to register for VINE. Register here!

  • There is no $20 deposit to confirm your registration this year.

    If you register for this event, you MUST attend or give notice at least 5 business days in advance. Failure to do so may result in consequences, including higher deposits for future events.

  • Your registration is NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation email!

    After you complete your registration a screen will appear that indicates you completed the registration form. This is NOT the same as a confirmation for the event. If you do not receive an email, then you have not been confirmed for the event

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Please make sure if you have any questions that you review this FAQ document here!

Participation includes hors d’oeuvres, refreshments, networking with industry representatives, and inclusion in the resume book for participating employers.


  • Meet in a smaller setting with employers and Viterbi alumni who are actively seeking to hire Viterbi interns and entry-level employees.
  • Learn more about the organizations in attendance, the positions they have available, and practice your networking skills.
  • Participating companies will also receive a digital copy of your resume.

Event Expectations

*VINE is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters to accommodate both graduate and undergraduate students.*

Event Schedule

  • 4:30 - 5:00 PM: Student Check In

    We encourage you to arrive no earlier than 4:30 PM to allow employers a chance to check in and find their tables.

  • 5:00 – 5:10 PM: Welcome

    Staff welcome address

  • 5:10 - 7:00 PM: Networking Activity & Reception

    You will have an opportunity for casual networking with employer representatives. We suggest that you practice your 30 Second Elevator Pitch by talking with different employers throughout the evening.

Fall 2018 Participating Companies

Updated as of 11/5/18

Viterbi Career Connections Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing to before close of business day at least 48 business hours in advance of the event. Any cancellations after that time-frame will be considered a no-show. Student’s who no-show events, may lose the privileged of RSVPing for future events with limited spaces. Your registration can not be transferred to another student.