7 Tips to Succeed at the Viterbi Career & Internship Expo

September 14, 2023
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Are you ready? The Viterbi Career & Internship Expo takes place in just 12 days (September 25th-27th)!

To help you prepare, here are seven tips to make the most of your day at the Career Expo:

  1. Log-in to Viterbi Career Gateway: See the list of companies coming to the Career & Internship Fair on September 27th (10 a.m. – 3 p.m, Trousdale Parkway), as well as registration for other Expo activities (Trojan Talks & Demos) on September 25th & 26th.
  2. Make a Plan: Create a schedule of your day at Fair, including any extra Expo activities that you have a confirmed RSVP for. These events are a guaranteed time to meet with an employer and you won’t want to miss them!
  3. Research companies attending the Expo: Prioritize the companies you want to speak with and look at their websites in advance. This will help you to tailor your conversation for each recruiter. All the companies are listed on Viterbi Career Gateway.
  4. Prepare a 30-second professional introduction (the “elevator pitch”): Your pitch should include a greeting, a brief history of your education, applicable strengths/experiences, and an area of interest. Make sure to close with an open-ended question to start the conversation!
  5. Dress for success in business attire: This is a professional career & internship event, not a hangout with your friends. Choose your clothing appropriately.
  6. Print out copies of your resume: Bring them with you on the days of the Expo and get them into the hands of the recruiter you’re speaking with.
  7. Follow up: Send a thank you note, email, or LinkedIn request to each person you spoke to within 24-48 hours of the Expo.

Maximizing your Career & Internship Expo Experience with Our Workshops:

  • How to Develop an Effective Resume and Cover Letter (Hybrid)
    • September 19th | 12 pm – 1 pm | RTH 211/Zoom
  • How to Develop an Effective Resume and Cover Letter (Hybrid)
    • September 20th| 4 pm – 5pm | RTH 211/Zoom
  • Preparing for the Career & Internship Expo (Hybrid)
    • September 21st | 12 pm – 1 pm| RTH 211/Zoom

Complete Workshop Schedule
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Published on September 14th, 2023

Last updated on September 14th, 2023