Know Your Resources: The Talent Exchange

Know Your Resources: The Talent Exchange USC has partnered with Eightfold AI to launch the Talent Exchange, a digital talent marketplace. The Talent Exchange currently has more than 750,000 jobs listed, including four-year-degree jobs from retailers, wholesalers, digital companies, delivery companies, and more that are facing unprecedented demand for copywriters, app developers, software engineers, product managers, customer service reps, and more. The … Read More

Online Career Recruitment with Zhaopin

Zhaopin is one of China’s leading Career Development Platforms that helps the development of people in the workplace such as employees, enterprises, and universities to create a closed-loop ecological chain for the Chinese talent-market. Zhaopin’s overseas Project Managers (PM) connect millions of Chinese employers to potential hires through their execution of overseas campus recruitment events. Published on March 9th, 2020Last … Read More