Faculty Resources

The resources on this page were developed to provide faculty with tools to promote career preparation with their students. The templates and guides can easily be embedded in your course curriculum or provided to your students during class lecture and/or syllabus as useful career development resource(s).


Class Assignment Templates

  • Resume Checklist

    This assignment can effectively help you develop a resume that showcases your most relevant skills and increase your marketability to employers. Download Checklist

  • Cover Letter Checklist

    Learn how to set yourself apart from other candidates by writing a professionally written cover letter that address why you are an ideal fit for their company. Download Checklist

  • Informational Interviews

    What is an internship or co-op? What are the benefits of an internship or co-op? How to you get an internship or co-op? Am I qualified for an internship or co-op? Download Guide

  • Career Fair

    Prepare for the Engineering Career Fair that can play a critical role in connecting you to employment opportunities. Download Assignment

  • LinkedIn Profile Checklist

    This assignment will help you update your LinkedIn Profile and develop your networking skills that lead to potential internships and full-time opportunities. Download Assignment

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A Faculty Guide to Ethical And Legal Standards in Student Hiring. view site
Tips for writing Letters of Recommendations for students. view site
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Additional Resources

NACE Internship Survey
The Class of 2016
Internship and Co-Op Survey Executive Summary
NACE Salary Survey
Winter 2017 Executive Report with annual salary projections for Class of 2017 college graduates.
NACE Student Survey
The Class of 2016
Student Survey Report: Executive Summary
First Destination Survey
2016 Viterbi Graduates completed the first destination survey to report where they headed post-graduation.